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The Gathering Church

 1047 E. Hufsmith Rd. Tomball, TX 77375


SUNDAYS AT 11:00 AM  |  1047 E. Hufsmith RD. Tomball, TX 77375

Welcome to The Gathering Church in Tomball.

The Gathering Church is a diverse family based body of believers.  We are multi-cultural from all walks of life joined together in unity by love and the Gospel of Christ Jesus. The focus is to help everyone in all levels of faith to continue their spiritual growth through sound Biblical truth and doctrine. We believe the Church building is to equip us to serve the community by reaching those who need the hope and faith in Jesus Christ and to live full rewarding lives in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

We love kids.

We love our kids and teens. Our vision is to develop our young people while having fun and building relationships with other young people. The youth are the future and we want their future filled with God's Love, Truth and Compassion. The teachers are well qualified and loving. They are parents themselves. We will incorporate the youth every service into the Praise and Worship and once a month into the adult service, so that once they are old enough they can be well educated and adapted into thriving adult Christians.

Join us this Sunday.

We would love for you to join us this Sunday! See our campuses below to plan your experience.


The Gathering Church
1047 E. Hufsmith RD Tomball,TX 77375



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Who we are.

At The Gathering Church you will come home to God's Truth, God's Love and to be a part of God's Family. We want you to grow spiritually through the rightful application of God's Word. Visit us once and you will want to become a part of this Body of Christ and help others to find the life God has for us all.

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We have been involved with The Gathering Church since its inception in November 2020.


We originally met David and Karen Odem in 1983 when they held a Bible study in their home in Sugar Creek. As a result we knew their hearts and that we were like-minded.


Within a month the church quickly grew in attendance requiring meeting in their home to meeting at the KC Event Center on 1488, to our new church home in Tomball.


Lisa & Mike Moody

I thank GOD for The Gathering Church!!! It has brought David and Karen Odem back into our lives. They were, are, and continue to be a vibrant spiritual influence in our lives.


Greg & Paulette Dixon

  We met Pastor David and Sister Karen at their first church in NW Houston. We did not know when we walked into the church for the first time that God would transform our lives. 


Pastor David and Sister Karen imparted much Biblical Truth and knowledge to us in our time there.

We will always remember our time at their first church fondly , as they lead my wife to the Lord and Baptised both of our children.


 When we discovered that they started The Gathering Church we quickly relocated, as we know that the Bible is taught in its entirety and that Pastor David and Sister Karen's hearts are to serve the Lord. 


Randy & Cindy Dickey


I started going to The Gathering Church a year ago. It has totally changed my life.

The music is absolutely beautiful and moves me every single week. 


Our Pastor and his wife never fails to deliver the Lord's message with conviction and truth.

I never knew what I was missing until I took the chance and came to church with my friends.

Best decision of my life!


Mary Ann Davis 

I met Pastor David and Sister Karen in 1999. They are a beautuful and loving couple that puts God first in everything they do. My experience the first time I met them was at the beginning of their new Church off Pinemont St. in Houston. 

Pastor David spoke a word that was directly for me that I knew came from God. This established a connection at that very moment and I knew that God placed them in my life to be a shepherd over me.  

That small church began with a handfull of people and grew to over hundreds. 


I know that Pastor David walks with God because he loves with the Love of God.  He teaches the Word in simplicity and truth.

He also has a vision for the church that God communictated to him. 

Sister Karen teaches the Word very clearly and understandbly. I am so grateful to God for them both. I pray that God continues to keep them in my life and I can serve and do the Will of God with them.





Brigette Gains


I have known Pastor David and Karen Odem for 32 years. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. They have a genuine heart for the lost. I'm so grateful for God bringing them back into my life through The Gathering Church. A place where there is preaching God's Word. A place where you feel God's love no matter who you are. I love it!


Sharon Thomas

Lisa and I have been attending The Gathering Church since its inception and we have truly been blessed being part of this loving congregation.  We have also been blessed to be able to serve and help our church home. 


We have also had the pleasure of knowing Pastor David and his lovely wife Karen for 30 years.  

We can both attest without reservation that there is no other church we would rather attend. 

The Gathering church is our home away from home. 


Lisa and David Garcia 


The Gathering Church is a place where the Love of God is felt. Lives are changed and all are welcome.

Pastor David and karen Odem are the dynamic duo of winning souls, operating in one spirit, meeting people where the are.


Bert & Princess Gants

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